Group Transportation Services in Frederick Maryland

Party Bus Frederick has been providing group transportation services in the Frederick area. Our fleet of vehicles includes party buses, limousines, shuttle buses, charter coaches and mini buses. We offer a wide range of vehicle options so you can choose the perfect one for your event. They will also be able to help you with any special requests or questions that may arise during your trip with us!

Party Buses

Get ready to party like rock stars with your friends and family with our luxurious Frederick party buses. Whether you are looking to have a great time celebrating a birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, wedding, prom, or bar crawling our party buses in Frederick will have all your transportation needs covered. Our professional and dependable chauffeur service will make sure you arrive to your destination safely and on time. Our Frederick party bus service is the perfect solution for all your group transportation needs. Rent from the most popular party buses in Frederick!

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Get ready to party like rock stars with your friends and family with our luxurious Frederick party buses. Whether you are looking to have a great time celebrating a birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, wedding, prom, or bar crawling our party buses in Frederick will have all your transportation needs covered. Our professional and dependable chauffeur service will make sure you arrive to your destination safely and on time. Our Frederick party bus service is the perfect solution for all your group transportation needs. Rent from the most popular party buses in Frederick!

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Frederick Sedan Service

Our Frederick sedan service can take you to and from the Airport or to any destination you desire. Frederick sedan service will provide you with a comfortable, safe, and reliable ride to your destination no matter where you want to go. We can be your designated driver for an evening as you travel to some of the hottest clubs in Downtown Frederick. We are a full service Frederick sedan company with a large selection of Town Cars.

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Frederick to Airport Shuttle Service

Need Frederick shuttle service ? You can count on Frederick Shuttle for dependable on time shuttle service. Our Frederick Shuttle will take care of all your travel needs. Enjoy our comfortable door to door transportation throughout Frederick in the newest and cleanest shuttle buses in Frederick. Contact us today for all your Frederick transportation needs.

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Number of Guests

Party Vehicle

Hourly Rates

Party Bus 12 to 28 $80-$300
Large Limo 9 to 12 $80-$300
Small Limo 6 to 8 $45-$70
Luxury 3 to 4 $80-$300

What is a Party Bus?

You have a couple options when thinking about a party bus, you can get a Party Bus or a Limo. Both types of vehicles are great options as they can seat from (10 people) to large groups (40-50 people). The party bus is very much like a limo, the driver becomes your own personal chauffeur. There is an array of different types of cars to suit your different taste and the mood for your overall event. Pick and choose whatever style, color and feel you want for your car and have a fun time with your friends and loved ones.

We’re With You Through Every Party Bus Trip

Party Bus Frederick is with you every step of your party bus trip. From planning to booking to riding, we’re there for you! Planning: We offer free quote requests and consultation services so that you can feel confident in your decision on which service fits your needs best. Booking: We have access to hundreds of vehicles from around the area and can help you find the perfect vehicle for any type of event or celebration. Our team members are here to assist with any questions, concerns, or problems that may arise along the way too! Riding: Once booked, our customer service specialists will be in touch with all details about your upcoming ride so there’s no need for worry—we’ve got it covered!

Custom-Designed Limousines for the Client’s Needs

In order to create the perfect limousine for your needs, Party Bus Frederick will work with you to customize the vehicle. We can choose a style of car that is more suited to your unique specifications. For example, if you are looking for something more modern or elegant, we have options such as stretch hummers and sports cars. These vehicles may come with extras like flat screen televisions and other entertainment options. If you want something more traditional, however, we also offer classic limos such as those seen on The Bachelor or at proms all around America! In addition to providing customized vehicles that match your preferences exactly, Party Bus Frederick also offers several different models of luxury cars including Lincoln Navigators and Cadillac Escalades. Our fleet includes many types of large party buses that range in size from 20 passengers up towards 50 passengers depending on how big your group is!

Charter Bus Transportation Is One Thing You Can Rely On

Charter buses are the best way to travel to any event. They provide a large amount of space for passengers and their luggage, making it easy for you to focus on enjoying your time with friends and family instead of worrying about where you’re going or how you’re going to get there. Party Bus Frederick offers our customers charter bus transportation that they can rely on in order to ensure they have an enjoyable experience every time they ride with us!

Event Transportation Services

If your next event is coming up, let Party Bus Frederick help you plan transportation to and from the location of your event. We have a variety of options for charter bus transportation services, so we’re sure to have something that fits your needs and budget. Some of our most popular event transportation services include:

Events, Tours

You’re looking for a limo rental service that can provide the best transportation for your event, tour or concert. Party Bus Frederick is here to help with our fleet of modern party buses and limos. Our customer service team will answer any questions you have about renting a charter bus or limo for your special event.

Concert Transportation

Our company offers a wide range of services that can accommodate any size group, from our smallest mini buses to our largest luxury motor coaches. We have the largest fleet of party buses in the area and we’re always adding more! We are experts at providing transportation for any type of event: sporting events, concerts, bachelor parties and much more!

City, Site, & Brew Tours

Frederick is the perfect city to visit when you are looking for a great place to live. With so many things to do, it’s no wonder that Frederick has been named one of the top 10 places in America to raise a family. You will find that there are plenty of activities for adults as well as children and elders alike. There are also some great sites and tours available in the area that are sure to be fun for everyone!

Campus Shuttle Bus Rental

Our shuttle bus rental services are second to none, and we’re proud of the fact that our team is able to provide shuttles for any size group. No matter what your needs are, we have the vehicles in stock that can handle your transportation needs.

Sporting Event & Tailgating Transportation

Tailgating is a popular American custom where fans gather in parking lots to socialize, eat and drink before the game or other sporting event. Tailgating is one of the best ways to show your team spirit and get to know your fellow fans, as well as make friends with people from other teams. We can help you plan for an unforgettable tailgate with our transportation services and limousines rentals in Frederick Maryland. With Party Bus Frederick you can arrange for transportation from any location in or near Frederick, whether it be home or work, at which point we’ll take care of all the rest!

Bachelorette & Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette and bachelor parties are a popular way to celebrate the upcoming marriage of a friend or family member. These events can take many forms and can be a great time for friends to relax, party and enjoy each other’s company. You may want to plan some activities such as having dinner or going out on the town; however, if you prefer something more laid back then you might consider having everyone travel together in one limousine rental that has been decorated with balloons and streamers. This is also an idea if it will be difficult for everyone in your group to get rides home after they’ve consumed alcohol at their event! When planning these types of parties it is important that you think about what type of transportation options would work best based upon your needs as well as those who are attending this celebration with you. There are many different types available including buses which can hold up to fifty people while still providing plenty of space on board so that everyone doesn’t feel cramped while traveling together after enjoying themselves during festivities earlier in evening (or early morning).

Quinceanera & Sweet 16 Limos

A quinceañera is a Latin American celebration that marks a girl’s 15th birthday. During this event, she wears a beautiful white dress and receives gifts from family and friends. A sweet sixteen involves both boys and girls, but it’s typically more popular with females as they get older in age (and are better able to drive). The main difference between these two events is that there isn’t necessarily an age requirement for attending a sweet sixteen; however, if you plan on throwing either party then it’s important not only to keep safety in mind but also make sure each guest can have fun! Don’t forget about any additional transportation needs either—if any out-of-town guests are coming into town they’ll need transportation too so don’t forget about our party buses!

Wedding Shuttle Services

A wedding shuttle service is a great way to make sure your guests get to where they need to be at the end of the night. A lot of people use them as a way to get home safely and have a safe ride home after the reception. If you’re worried about getting stuck in traffic, or just want an easy way for everyone to go home without having one person who has too much fun driving drunk!

Employee Shuttle Services

At Party Bus Frederick, we offer employee shuttle services and employee shuttle bus rentals. We have a fleet of vehicles available to suit your needs. We also have other amenities such as cellular phones, onboard wifi and more that can be added at no additional cost!

Convention Shuttle Bus Rental

Conventions are huge events where people from around the country, and possibly even the world, gather to network, learn more about a specific subject or field of study and have fun. Because of this, it’s important for conventions to be able to accommodate their attendees in every way possible so that they’re comfortable during what can be long days/nights at a convention center or hotel. A great way for conventions to do this is by offering shuttle bus rental services for their guests that don’t have cars or other means of transportation. These shuttles will pick up convention goers from their hotels at designated times and drop them off at various locations throughout the city during the morning hours (when most people are asleep) and then pick them up again later in the day when they’ll be ready to go home after doing whatever work needs getting done at their conference tables during lunch break time (or maybe even later). Shuttles also give attendees peace of mind knowing they’ll always have transportation available no matter how late things run into night—even if there’s an emergency meeting happening outside normal business hours!

Hospital Shuttles

Hospital shuttles are a great option for guests who have been injured or require special accommodations, such as those with disabilities. If you need to transport an individual in one of these situations, including a patient or their family members, our team can help you find the best service for your needs. This type of transportation service is beneficial because it allows people who would otherwise be unable to get around town on their own due to health issues to make appointments at medical facilities without having any problems getting there. It’s also helpful if they need transportation back home after the appointment so that they don’t have to rely on friends or family members who might not always be available. There are various types of hospital shuttles available depending on what kind of service will work best for each situation: private vs group; wheelchair accessible vs non-wheelchair accessible; fixed route vs customized route based upon each passenger’s specific needs (e.g., round trip vs one way).

College Intercampus Shuttles

A shuttle bus is a type of vehicle that transports people from one location to another. It is often used between two or more locations, such as an airport or hotel and multiple cities. Most shuttle buses are made to seat multiple passengers, but some have the option of being customized for larger groups. These customized vehicles can hold anywhere from 30 to 100 passengers!

Airport Transportation

We offer airport transportation services to and from the airport. Our airport shuttle driver will meet you at your home, office or any other location in Frederick Maryland and take you directly to your destination. We also provide limo services for special occasions such as Proms, Weddings, Birthdays and more.

Wedding Transportation

There are lots of options for wedding transportation. You can have a shuttle bus, limousine, or party bus pick up your guests and bring them to the ceremony and reception site. They can also drive them home after the reception is over. If you’re planning on having an evening wedding event then consider booking a transportation service that includes our amazing night time packages. These include everything from lighting to music to driver attire and more!

They offer every bus transportation service you could think of

Party Bus Frederick offers every bus transportation service you could think of. They’ve got a variety of vehicles, including party buses and limousines, to suit any occasion. They have a variety of locations in Frederick Maryland, so there’s sure to be one near you or your destination. In addition to their location options, they also offer many different prices based on the type of vehicle and amenities offered. There are several payment options available as well such as cash payments, checks and credit cards among others. Finally they provide free Wi-Fi access on all their vehicles!